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Since the start of Jillian's real estate career, she has worked with real estate developers who focus on adding value to emerging residential real estate markets. Her roles have spanned from Project Manager, Sales Director, Leasing Director and Associate Broker.

She has been affiliated with Manhattan's top brokerages.

Jillian brings a unique proposition to the entire process from conception to completion. She has sold and leased in ground up new development and conversion projects.

She is passionate to make each step in the process a strategic choice that will lead to a smooth sales process. Such as:

  • Build clear communication strategies with internal and third party team members.
  • Analyze unit mix/size to market trends.
  • Proof read offering plan for areas that may slow down sales process.
  • Collaborate w/ entire team to decide on cost effective design that will appeal to target buyer.
  • Position the product to ever changing market trends.
  • Execute cost effective marketing resources/strategies.
  • Sell at highest $psf that market supports

Jillian has refined her ability to capture the factors that make the property a viable project for the developer while staying focused on strategies to create value for residents. She offers experienced enthusiasm to every project and has closed over 200M in transactions.

She is an avid yogi, alternative health nut, music lover, technology aficionado and a pop culture enthusiast.